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7 Tips When Renting Your First Adelaide Office Space

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Renting your first Adelaide office space is an exciting milestone for your startup or small business.
However, selecting just any office space for lease can be disastrous.

The right workspace should help you improve your brand awareness, create a sense of legitimacy for your business, and increase your team’s productivity. It should also provide your clients and employees with a secure, comfortable, and accessible space.

Similarly, you must be well informed about the key factors that will make or break your office rental decision. These factors include the potential cost, location, amenities, budget, and, most importantly, the lease terms.

To make it easy for you, we put together tips to help you prepare as you rent your first office in Adelaide CBD.

1. Estimate Your Space Requirement.

Consider how many people are in your team and how you expect your business to grow during the lease period. Your space requirements depend on your company, industry, and geographic location. Some larger enterprises may opt for suites that accommodate up to 500 people, while startups and first-time entrepreneurs may only need a coworking space or a smaller private office.

2. Select the Office Type That Matches Your Needs.

You can choose from various office layouts depending on the needs of your business. Here are some of them:

  • Coworking space. This office space type is ideal if you want to work alongside other businesses in open communal offices. You can hire one or multiple desks to accommodate your whole team. Coworking is also a smart choice if you want to keep costs down.
  • Enterprise space. This is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who want a dedicated, collaborative, individual space for a growing team. It’s also ideal for businesses looking to customise an office space to bring their brand to life and support their specific users’ needs.
  • Virtual office. Even though this is not a physical workspace, it is beneficial for people who work remotely and still need a business address and place to pick up mail and deliveries.
  • Private office. Private offices are typically lockable rooms within a shared office facility and are exclusively rented to an individual entity. This is ideal if you want a quiet, confidential, secure space to work and leave your belongings.

3. Select the Best Location.

Another major factor to consider when renting your first Adelaide office space is the location. You must ensure that the space is close enough for your team members to commute.

When choosing the office location, also remember how accessible it will be not just for your employees but also for your clients. Are there freeways and public transportation nearby? Does it have a bike rack?

4: Determine Your Budget.

You shouldn't lease office space that will blow your business budget. Weigh amenities, maintenance, taxes, mail service, furniture, and other factors when determining your office space budget. Extra expenses will add up if you don’t factor them in from the get-go.

5: Know About the Included Amenities.

The nearby amenities could impact your choice of location for your first office. For example, your team members will like it if your first office is close to nearby coffee shops and eateries. You may also have to consider the proximity of specific places you need to visit often for business purposes, like meeting spaces or banks.

Modern office space for lease allows you to access amenities to provide your team with a fully functional space. Some amenities include an on-site café, reliable internet connection, dedicatedair conditioning per floor, a fully equipped boardroom and conference facility, and postal services, among others.

6: Pay Attention to the Terms of Your Lease.

Understanding and carefully considering the terms of your lease are fundamental. You will know what you’re getting yourself and your business at and what you’re accountable for. The provisions should be clearly identified in the lease so you won’t face problems, such as having the landlord increase your rent by 50% or signing the office lease over to someone else.

Does your rent include insurance, taxes, and repair or maintenance costs? What are the terms attached to the security deposit?

7: Look Out for Flexibility in the Leasing Process.

As you read your office lease agreement, keep an eye out for any flexibility in the leasing process. For instance, they may offer you a discount on your rent for signing a long-term agreement (e.g., one- or two-year contract).

In Conclusion

Investing in office space in Adelaide CBD is a significant decision that has long-term implications for your business. Before signing the rental agreement, refer to the tips we’ve mentioned in this article. This way, you’ll have peace of mind after moving into your first Adelaide office space.

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